Sponsor Workshop 5/1

When: Saturday 5/1/21 2:00- (no later than) 6:00 pm

Where: Room 1 (large room downstairs) | Center for Spiritual Development | 5324 W Northwest Hwy. | Dallas, Texas 75220

Cost: 7th tradition donation

How do I start sponsoring?
Am I ready to start sponsoring?
What if my sponsee does…?
Get all of your questions answered!!!
Service helps keep you sober – it is time for you to step up to help
your fellows that still suffer – begin sponsoring now!!!

What to bring:

Questions and concerns
Tips and tools
White book and Step into Action
Notepad and pen
7 th tradition funds

(No lunch provided – we will have snacks/drinks for break – mask required – dress comfortably and if we oversell Covid restrictions of room 1 then this may be moved out back on the patio)

Post meeting fellowship at bar/restaurant for those who desire
Questions: Gregory C
Jay F (214) 600-1133 – jof102812@gmail.com
Brought to you by North Texas Intergroup Fellowship

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